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Our Price: $15.95
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Number: BSXCD8876

Composed by: Mark Snow

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Night Sins 01
A Message Of Faith 06
A Town With Pity 07
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Based on the novel by best-selling romance and thriller writer Tami Hoag, NIGHT SINS was a four hour mini-series broadcast on the CBS network in 1997. NIGHT SINS takes place in the small town of Deer Lake, where the investigation into the recent abduction of a young boy becomes the catalyst for a progressively bizarre and disturbing exposé of small town corruption, hypocrisy and perversion that extends back across decades. Reassigned from the big city to take over the investigation from another agent is Seattle Bureau Of Investigation Agent Megan O’Malley (Bertinelli), who finds herself thrown together with Mitch Holt, Deer Lake’s chief of police. Holt, who lost his wife and daughter years ago to a vicious killer, is still haunted by his inability to save them from their fate and may even be a potential suspect himself. As the investigation proceeds, O’Malley and Holt struggle with their mutual attraction and try to stay focused on their work.

1. Night Sins (0:52)
2. Wicked Daughter Of Eve (8:42)
3. The Game Begins (3:12)
4. Innocence Is Sin (1:45)
5. Sniffing (3:44)
6. A Message Of Faith (4:58)
7. A Town With Pity (3:34)
8. Notes (4:47)
9. His Name Is Billy (2:30)
10. Tears and Fears (5:48)
11. Father Tom (3:27)
12. Loners (2:54)
13. Lost Angels (2:37)
14. White Van (1:27)
15. Accusations (1:52)
16. Predators (9:43)

Total Time: (61:59)

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