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Our Price: $15.95
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Number: BSXCD8932

Composed by: Mark Snow

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Fides Fragilis/Exoptare Ex Veritas/Kyrie 04
The X Files Theme 05
The Post-Modern Prometheus:JJ's Diner 06
THE X FILES: Scully’s Serenade 12
Crater Hug 15
The Surgery 17
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BSX Records is proud to announce the release of MUSIC FROM THE X FILES: 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, available now on CD as of November 2nd, 2013. The album features music composed by Mark Snow and is produced and arranged by Dominik Hauser, Joohyun Park, and John Beal, recorded with respect toward Snow’s original musical intentions and replicated faithfully to convey the essence of THE X FILES in a single collection. Drawn from specific episodes of the TV show and both feature films, this presentation covers the provocative stylistic musical variations used throughout the series’ history.

Twenty years ago viewers were transfixed by the weekly drama starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully – two FBI agents who investigate supernatural cases, knowing that the truth is out there. Film and television veteran composer Mark Snow was brought in to lead the musical charge for this truth. From the opening notes, the eerie whistle of the main title theme, viewers were immediately engaged in the series, which would eventually boast over 200 episodes and two feature-length movies.

While best known for his music for THE X FILES and its close cousin MILLENNIUM, Snow’s compositional efforts have encompassed many series (including the popular shows SMALLVILLE and THE GHOST WHISPERER, as well as X FILES creator Chris Carter’s short-lived series THE LONE GUNMEN and HARSH REALM). Snow has also scored numerous made-for-television movies as well as feature films, including several films for the legendary French director Alain Resnais.

A Brooklyn native, Mark Snow has been making music since the 1950s. Following a start in the music industry as a popular recording artist with his band the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, Mark made the switch to composer for television and film in the 1970s. His other TV credits include ONE TREE HILL, KOJAK, PASADENA, DYNASTY, FALCON CREST, T.J. HOOKER, CAGNEY AND LACEY, STARSKY AND HUTCH, GEMINI MAN, FAMILY and HART TO HART.

Snow has been nominated 14 times for Emmys for his work on television series and television films including HELTER SKELTER, CHILDREN OF THE DUST, OLDEST LIVING CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL and SOMETHING ABOUT AMELIA.

Suite from THE X FILES
Produced and Arranged by John Beal
01. Materia Primoris/The X Files Theme 10:38
02. Cantus Excio and Lamenta 7:56
03. Iter/Memoria 6:08
04. Fides Fragilis/Exoptare Ex Veritas/Kyrie 6:48
05. The X Files Theme 1:51

Music from THE X FILES
Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser
06. The Post-Modern Prometheus:JJ's Diner 3:02
07. This Is Not Happening: Suite 4:27
08. Dreamland Part 2: Suite 3:13
09. Christmas Carol: Mother Genes 3:17
10. Hollywood A.D.: Dancing Bones 1:39
11. The Truth Part 2: The Truth Is Inside 2:59
12. THE X FILES: Scully’s Serenade 3:52
Produced and Arranged by Joohyun Park
Guitar: Jaesung Song
Vocals: Katie Campbell

Produced and Arranged by
Dominik Hauser
13. Threnody in X 3:52
14. Facts 2:34
15. Crater Hug 1:58

Produced and Arranged by
Dominik Hauser
16. The Trip to D.C. 3:42
17. The Surgery 2:58
18. Home Again 4:10
19. Theme from THE X FILES (Guitar Demo) 4:26
Produced and Arranged by Mark Snow

Total Time: 78:33

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