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Our Price: $14.95
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Number: PH001

Composed by: Paul Hertzog

Limited Edition of 1000 units. The new album from the composer/CD producer of Kickboxer and Bloodsport.

From the liner notes: "The first of these songs to be written, 'Freeing the Waters,' was composed in 1987, right after I finished scoring Bloodsport. The final song written, 'Sue Across the Sea,' was composed in 1991, just before I left the film and music businesses to 'disappear off the face of the planet.' I started the project as a way to keep myself occupied between jobs. I fully expected when I started that some of these ideas would find themselves in films some day. But such was not to be. Since 1991, these tunes have existed in a sort of virtual half-life as nothing more than midi data. A couple of years ago, I finally acquired the technology to record at home myself, and at last this music is recorded and available. When possible, I have retained the sounds that I used when composing, but I have updated some sounds with modern digital samples: the piano, snare, toms, some (but not all) of the orchestral instruments. I am amazed that my primitive gear holds its own against the modern stuff. Because this music was written during those few tears of my career as a film composer, I hope that fans of my film music will discover this collection for a sample of possible film score material that never made its way into a film. - Perseverance Records

1. The Violet Hour 2:46
2. April Fools' Day 5:48
3. Walk On Wide Water 5:02
4. A Wicked Plot 3:51
5. Kyoto Forest 5:49
6. Sue Across The Sea 5:29
7. Black Pearls 6:12
8. Love In A Labyrinth 6:35
9. Freeing The Waters 4:26

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