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Our Price: $89.95
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Number: OOPINTISC268

Composed by: Bill Conti


World premiere release of slam-bang Bill Conti 1991 soundtrack for rough tough funny tale about fictitious Texas State Armadillos (partly based on real-life 1988 scandal at Southern Methodist University) who come out from under variety of losing scenarios to become winners. Stan Dragoti directs, Scott Bakula, Robert Loggia, Sinbad, Hector Elizondo star. Conti tackles tried-and-true underdog formula with his signature sports vernacular, creating a veritable Rocky-on-steroids score, right down to the sizzling trumpet over blazing guitars, strings, percussion. Variety has some say with thematic power writing trading with stirring major-key anthem material for brass choir plus militaristic ideas for training sequences. Electronic fanfares plus some country twang also find spots on the team! Though muscular feel of score partners with contemporary rock idiom, Conti himself describes score as "never meant to be funny". Entire score presented in stereo from original session elements vaulted in pristine condition by Paramount Pictures. Several alternates are also presented after main program. Bill Conti conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! - INTRADA

The Album
01. Main Title (2:31) 02. Ed’s the New Coach/Open Tryouts (1:39) 03. Tattoo Somebody! (1:52) 04. Tattoo Somebody!(original version) (1:23) 05. Featherstone Follies/The Story on Blake (3:34) 06. Blake Meets Suzanne/The Iron Men (0:57) 07. Planetarium Source (0:32) 08. The Blocking Sled/Prep for Game (3:12) 09. Blake Talks to Ed (original version) (1:23) 10. Blake Gets Benched (1:32) 11. Blake Talks to Ed (revised) (0:43) 12. Prisoners Arrive/Miners Game (4:18) 13. Bar Room Brawl (2:02) 14. The New Kicker/Lucy Takes a Shower (2:48) 15. Can We Walk?/First Kiss/Why Don’t You Tell Him?/Blake Quits (2:07) 16. Back to School (2:25) 17. Up Yours, Phil! (1:44) 18. Morning Wake Up (1:10) 19. 10M2 (unused) (1:47) 20. Featherstone Gets It (0:57) 21. The Big Ending (3:02)

22. Main Title (big guitar opening) (2:31) 23. Ed’s the New Coach)(guitar opening) (1:17) 24. Featherstone Follies (film version) (1:43) 25. The Story on Blake (film version) (1:05) 26. Prep for Game (original, alt. bass) (1:04) 27. Up Yours, Phil! (alt. mix) (1:44) 28. Main Title (lower guitar opening) (2:32) 29. Main Title (alternate) (2:32)

Total Disc Time: 59:17

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