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Number: SUMT2014

No. Tracks: 13
Composed by: Danny Elfman, Russel Shaw

Please note this is the soundtrack score to the video game Fable for the XBOX system.

This soundtrack for the popular, goth-rooted, X-Box role-playing adventure is another powerful example of how artistically accomplished the video game industry has become. Indeed, its ambitious musical score frequently outshines many of its mega-budgeted Hollywood competitors. Oingo Boingo founder-turned-noted contemporary film scorer Danny Elfman anchors the album with an ominously heroic main theme worthy of one of his sweeping, big budget superhero sagas. But in providing the balance of the music, composer Russell Shaw doesn't so much follow Elfman's muscular symphonic lead as skillfully play off it. Shaw's impressive cues here manage to conjure an inviting aura of non-specific time and place, filling it with masterful orchestral and choral arrangements that evoke suspense, wonder, terror, and mischief with equal aplomb.

1. Fable Theme - 3:27
2. Oakvale - 3:25
3. Darkwood - 4:10
4. Witchwood - 3:10
5. Lychfield Cemetery - 4:31
6. Summer Fields - 4:04
7. Bowerstone - 4:34
8. Arena - 2:06
9. Temple of Light - 2:38
10. Hobbes Cave - 3:56
11. Greatwood - 3:15
12. Guild - 5:29
13. Fresco Dome - 4:58

GAME SYNOPSIS - Fable is a ground-breaking role-playing adventure game from Peter Molyneux, in which your every action determines your skills, appearance, and reputation. Create your life story from childhood to death. Grow from an inexperienced adolescent into the most powerful being in the world. Choose the path of righteousness or dedicate your life to evil. Muscles expand with each feat of strength; force of will increases with each work of wit. Obesity follows gluttony, skin tans with exposure to sunlight and bleaches bone-white by moonlight. Earn scars in battle and lines of experience with age. Each person you aid, each flower you crush, each creature you slay, will change this world forever. Who will you be? 2004

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