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Number: SLA3016

No. Tracks: 28
Composed by: Alan Howarth, John Carpenter

Expanded 20 new minutes.

Filmmaker John Carpenter, along with frequent collaborator, Alan Howarth, teamed up to write the music for the 1981 film, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

The year is 1997: Manhattan Island is now a heavily guarded maximum-security prison, where the scum of the earth have converged. When Air Force One crash-lands in Manhattan, the President (Donald Pleasence) is held hostage by its denizens. One-eyed mercenary Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is strong-armed into rescuing the Chief Executive. He is aided, not always willingly, by a tough gal (Adrienne Barbeau) and a manic cab driver (Ernest Borgnine). Too long for its own good (especially in its expanded video version), "Escape from New York" is an otherwise excellent chunk of non-think entertainment. It was followed by a sequel of sorts in 1996, "Escape From LA," again starring Kurt Russell. 1981

1. Main Title 3:53
2. The Bank Robbery 3:30
3. "Prison Introduction" 0:20
4. Over The Wall/Airforce One 2:22
5. He's Still Alive/Romero 2:12
6. "Snake Plissken" 1:41
7. Orientation 1:47
8. "Tell Him" 1:46
9. Engulfed Cathedral (Debussy) 3:31
10. Across The Roof 1:14
11. Descent Into New York 3:37
12. Back To The Pod - Version #1 1:34
13. Everyone's Coming To New York 2:24
14. "Don't Go Down There!" 0:19
15. Back To The Pod - Version #2/The Crazies Come Out 2:09
16. "I Heard You Were Dead!" 0:09
17. Arrival At The Library 1:06
18. "You Are The Duke Of New York" 0:16
19. The Duke Arrives/Barricade 3:35
20. President At The Train 2:28
21. "Who Are You?" 0:27
22. Police Action 2:27
23. Romero And The President 1:43
24. The President Is Gone 1:53
25. 69th Street Bridge 2:43
26. Over The Wall 3:42
27. "The Name Is Plissken" 0:25
28. Snake Shake - End Credits 3:58

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